Thursday, August 29, 2013

Let's talk about Sophie

Let's talk Sophie! 

I truely love her! But I also truly hate her! I like that she is completely organic! Here is what I'm not a fan of:

She is noisy! She makes sooo much noise when in my little guys mouth! She is a teether but I dont think she cares to be chewed on.
She keeps sticking her legs down my sons throat and making him throw up! I took her away from my first son for this reason and she is at it again. May need to take her away again :( Does she do this on purpose?
She is popular but pricey! I would not buy her myself but she makes for a fun gift!

Long live Sophie :) Would love to hear what you think of her .....
We have had a busy week traveling! The trip was a vacation trip however the first with a toddler and an infant. Have been thinking a lot of what products we wanted to talk about and the list is rather extensive. Stay tuned for the following posts: Tommee Tippee bottles, Baby Bjorn vs Infantino Carrier, Sophie the Giraffe, Car seat travel bag, Infantino squeeze food maker, trunki by Melissa and Doug and sooooooo much more.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's been a while!!!

I am so sorry I have been MIA for so long. Let me tell you what I have been up to and tell you where I am going. I promise to make my absence up to you!!

First off let me tell you where I have been. In February we had our second little boy. He is 6 months old now and just the cutest little guy! I can't hardly believe how fast the past 6 months have gone but it sure has been fun. It has been awesome to see my 3 year old (as of July) grow up since his role of being big brother! He truly loves his little baby brother. He loves to help where possible!!

While taking a sadly forced break from being with you guys I have decided to change the direction of my blogs. I though well another boy everything will be pretty much the same right?! Well wrong!! Some of the products I loved using with L I can not use on A for many reasons. In 3 years baby gear has really changed so have had to adapt and adopt to these changes. With that said I am going to start telling how products I loved with L do not work with A and visa versa. So please come visit me often as I will be covering a wide range of products. Ok so I know there are a lot of product review blogs out there but mine will be different as I will be covering the funny, hard, sad, fun etc days with my little monkeys.

Over the next few weeks I will start by reviewing my Baby Bjorn vs Infantino carrier, Tommee Tippee products, Carters vs Safety 1st High Chair, regular vs soy formula (my littlest guy is allergic to Dairy), and so much more. Before I go let me leave you with this: I don't allow L to nap too long in the afternoon as I want for a easier bed time. A naps how ever long he wants but usually double the time L naps. In the remaining time L usually paints, bakes, water slides in the yard etc. L's favorite thing in the entire world is to show/tell A what he did for the remaining time. I just love this photo cause L is telling A all about the picture he pained and he is just loving it!

Good night for now :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Infant formula maker sued after baby's death

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) — The families of a three babies sickened by a rare bacterial infection, including a 10-day-old Missouri infant who died, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Illinois-based manufacturer of a powdered baby formula that they believe is responsible.
The lawsuit contends the babies were sickened by Cronobacter sakazakii bacteria, which has sometimes been associated with tainted powdered infant formula. The suit alleges that the infants fell ill after consuming different kinds of Enfamil-brand powdered baby formula late last year.
However, the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control announced in late December they'd found no evidence that four cases of the infection in babies, including the infant from Missouri who died, were related. The federal agencies also determined there was no need to recall the formula.
The lawsuit contends that 10-day-old Avery Cornett died last December in Missouri after being fed Enfamil Premium Newborn powdered formula, and that two infants from Illinois were sickened by other Enfamil formula.
The lawsuit accuses manufacturer Mead Johnson Nutrition Co. of negligence, arguing that since 2000, environmental sampling from the Glenview-based company's facilities revealed harmful bacteria in raw ingredients, premix product and finished products. The lawsuit didn't specify who conducted the sampling.
The lawsuit also alleges that a Mead Johnson executive warned health care workers but not consumers that powered infant formulas should "not be used in neonates or immunocompromised patients in hospital settings."
Mead Johnson spokesman Christopher Perille said the company was aware of the lawsuit.
"We don't routinely comment on active litigation," Perille said. "The lawsuit refers to a batch that was extensively tested by Mead Johnson, as well as the Centers for Disease Control as well as the Food and Drug Administration. All those tests detected no bacteria."
The plaintiffs' St. Louis-based attorney, Andy Crouppen, said in an email that he's aware of those tests, but that based on further investigation, "including Freedom of Information Act requests from the CDC and FDA," he believes the bacteria originated from Mead's newborn food.
The CDC gets roughly four to six reports of Cronobacter sakazakii each year, though there are no legal requirements that cases be reported.
The bacteria is found naturally in the environment and in plants such as wheat and rice, but in the past also has been traced to dried milk and powdered formula. Experts have said there are not adequate methods to completely remove or kill all bacteria that might creep into powdered formula before or during production.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Halloween is just around the corner. Here is a list of some great costume and decoration deals. I will update this list frequently so please visit us often.

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Happy Shopping

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Mexican woman is pregnant with nine babies - six girls and three boys - the country's main broadcaster Televisa reported on Thursday night

The woman was identified as Karla Vanessa Perez of the northeastern state of Coahuila, which borders Texas. She is currently being treated at a hospital in the state capital Saltillo, the broadcaster said in the report.

Perez, whose age was not given, had fertility treatment leading to the multiple pregnancy, it said.

State-owned news agency Notimex also reported the pregnancy, saying Perez was due to give birth on May 20.

"It's very early to think of names for the babies," Perez told Notimex. "First I hope that everything goes well."

The successful delivery of nonuplets would be one of the highest multiple births ever recorded.

In 2009, a woman in California gave birth to octuplets, sparking worldwide media attention.
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